Readings will be updated throughout the semester, so please check this page frequently for updates.

Reading Key:

PDF version of the syllabus available here.

PM3: Initial Project DescriptionPM4: Progress ReportPM5: Meet with TAs to discuss Project Status

Class Date Day Topic Readings Homework Due Project Milestones Due
1 Tue 12-Jan Introduction
2 Thu 14-Jan InfoVis Overview A Tour through the Visualization Zoo HW0: Survey
3 Tue 19-Jan Multivariate Data Visualization HW0.5: Github Repo Link

HW1: InfoVis Examples

4 Thu 21-Jan Time Data Aigner et al. 2008, The TimeViz Browser HW2: Create an InfoVis using
5 Tue 26-Jan Graphs & Networks  Browse Visual Complexity HW3: Sketch a time-oriented visualization
6 Thu 28-Jan D3 (Lecture + Practicum) – Part 1 HW4: Find a data source for a domain of interest to you, sketch an InfoVis related to the data source
7 Tue 2-Feb PROJECT: Idea + Discussion PM1: Elevator Pitch
8 Thu 4-Feb Hierarchies & Trees
9 Tue 9-Feb D3 (Practicum) – Part II D3 Tutorial Videos HW5: D3 Assignment (I) PM2: Project Teams and Domain
10 Thu 11-Feb Interaction, Animation, Transition Interactive Dynamics for Visual Analysis
11 Tue 16-Feb Text and Document Visualization HW7: Write a Test Question PM3: Project Description
12 Thu 18-Feb Review for Test 1
13 Tue 23-Feb TEST 1
14 Thu 25-Feb GUEST: James Lytle (Design Lead, Juice Analytics). Practicing Data Design. The Day to Day.

DOMAIN: Vis and The Movies (Oscars Session)

HW6: D3 Assignment (II)
15 Tue 1-Mar InfoVis with Tableau

GUEST: Thierry Driver (Tableau Software)

16 Thu 3-Mar PM4: Progress Report
17 Tue 8-Mar D3 (Practicum) – Part III HW8: Tableau
18 Thu 10-Mar GUEST: Vis in Healthcare, Nick Stepro, Arcadia Healthcare
19 Tue 15-Mar Storytelling and Communications (Infographics vs. InfoVis)
20 Thu 17-Mar GUEST: Vis @ Twitter
DOMAIN: Vis and Sports (March Madness Session)
PM5: Meet with a TA
21 Tue 22-Mar Spring Break
22 Thu 24-Mar Spring Break
23 Tue 29-Mar InfoVis Evaluation  HW9: D3 Assignment (III)
24 Thu 31-Mar GUEST: Vis @ Coca-Cola Enterprises (Cancelled)

Visual Perception and Cognitive Processes in InfoVis


PM6: Demo a partially working project to TAs
25 Tue 5-Apr PROJECT: Work Day HW10: Write a Test Question
26 Thu 7-Apr Review for Test 2
27 Tue 12-Apr TEST 2 PM7: System Demo + Final Video Scheduled via Wiki 
28 Thu 14-Apr GUEST: Vis @ Bloomberg

Lyell Haynes (Lead, R&D Visualization Team)

29 Tue 19-Apr Project Presentation  PM8: System Demo
30 Thu 21-Apr Project Presentation  PM8: System Demo
31 Tue 26-Apr Project Presentation PM8: System Demo
PM9: Code, Video, and Report
32 Thu 28-Apr Reading Day
 Thu  5-May  Exam Week (Video Presentations) PM10: Video

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